6,3 évanouissementsKnown for the performance of his poems, Fortner Anderson has produced a number of audio recordings and books, including six silk purses in 2005, and solitary pleasures in 2011. His CD single, he sings, describing the incarceration of Omar Khadr appeared in 2006. A collaboration in 2012 with 9 electro-acoustic composers resulted in annunciations, a book of poems and 3 CD recordings. Points of Departure a book of poems encased in bronze, was released in late 2017.

He has been a featured reader at numerous North American and European poetry festivals, the Festival voix d’ameriques in Montreal, the Berlinpoesie festival, the St-Mark’s Church Series in New York and the Monde Parallèlle 50//littérature in Lille, France. In 2010, he was invited to Vancouver to open the Live! Bienniale Performance Festival with his work Belly into fire describing the destruction of the Columbia Space Shuttle.

In 2015, he presented the first of a series of 12 hour readings of his latest poetry project, Points of Departure, at the Le Printemps des poètes in Quebec City. His latest collaboration with musician Alexander MacSween, a one-hour monologue “Considérations sur les causes de notre grandeur et de notre décadence” will be presented in festivals in 2018.

In April of 2007, he was awarded the La voix electrique prize for career achievement in poetry performance.