Six Silk Purses

Six Silk PursesSix Silk Purses is a collaboration between with six renowned Canadian composers and musicians: Chantal Dumas, Alexandre St-Onge, Michel F. Côté, Alexander MacSween, Christof Migone and Sam Shalabi.

For this project, the composers were commissioned to create new musical works using recordings of my poems. Each composer was provided a recording of a reading of a poem. Each had carte blanche to manipulate the recording to create their original sound work. The results range from abstract and minimalist sound manipulations to horspeil and pop-influenced beats.


(Please see critical response to the disc here.)


Text and voice : Fortner Anderson,
Musical compositions : Chantal Dumas, Alexandre St-Onge, Alexander MacSween, Christof Migone, Sam Shalabi, Michel F. Côté
Graphic design : Fabrizio Gilardino

Track list/time

1) There is a Quiet (5:57) by Chantal Dumas
2) There is a Place (4:23) by Alexandre St-Onge
3) As I Stand (7:45) by Alexander MacSween
4) Vegass (8:26) by Christof Migone
5) A Day (10:32) by Sam Shalabi
6) She Dreams of Wild Horses (10:32) by Michel F. Côté

Six Silk Purses