Conception, Publisher and Graphic Design: Fortner Anderson
Authors: John Rieger, Anne-Marie Weiss and Michael Toppings
Illustrations: Alain Costaz, Toppings
Publisher: Dromos editions
Date of publication: 1987

Schizotexte_coverSchizotexte was the first publication of Les Éditions dromoslogiques. It presented the work of three Montreal poets, John Rieger, Anne-Marie Weiss and Michael Toppings in an experimental typographical format made possible by the use of early desktop publishing technology.

It was created using a Macintosh computer 512K using MacPaint and PageMaker.

In January 1987, it received the “Runner-Up” distinction in MacUser magazine’s Desktop Publisher of the Year contest.

MacUser, January 1987


Schizotexte is an attractive book of poetry that was entirely produced on the Mac, The whole project took about 5 months, from the original idea to laying out the pages. All of the interesting visual effects are intentional.
It cost about a thousand dollars Canadian or $650. The print run was 400 copies, and it was distributed in Canada, the Unit¬ ed States and Europe. Dromos Editions, 4083 Clark, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2WIXI, (514)