sometimes I think

Sometimes I Thinksometimes I think was my first full-length solo CD. It followed the release of my work on the first Wired On Words cassette, and the Millennium Cabaret CD compilation.

(Please see critical response to the disc here.)

The disc contains ten poems that were performed at reading series in Montreal throughout the 1990’s, such as YAWP, Vox Hunt, Enough Said, La vache enragée and Oralpalooza

The poems on the CD are accompanied by 8 interstitial musical improvisations by Chris Cauley on alto sax, Sam Shalabi on electric guitar, Alexandre St-Onge on acoustic bass, and Alexander MacSween on drums.


Text and voice : Fortner Anderson
Musical compositions : Christopher Cauley, Sam Shalabi, Alexander MacSween, Alexandre St-Onge
Alto saxophone : Christopher Cauley
Electric guitar : Sam Shalabi
Percussion : Alexander MacSween
Acoustic bass : Alexandre St-Onge

Track list/time

1) The Night Sky (2:11)
2) Interlude (1:34) Sam Shalabi
3) The Birds (4:30)
4) Interlude (1:20) Alexandre St.Onge
5) All the Kings Men 3:06
6) Interlude (1:00) Alex MacSween
7) Ladies and Gentlemen 6:18
8) Interlude (1:29) Christopher Cauley
9) I’m a Man 3:42
10) Interlude (1:00) Alex MacSween
11) Interlude (1:39) Alexandre St.Onge
12) I Saw You … (3:49)
13) My Backyard (3:27)
14) Interlude (1:16) Sam Shalabi
15) The BSE Blues (5:11)
16) Interlude (1:29) Christopher Cauley
17) My Friend (4:57)
18) Interlude (:44) Christopher Cauley
19) Interlude (1:39) Alexandre St. Onge
20) The Natural State of Man (3:25)